About Us

About Right Enquiry

Right enquiry is basically a Search Engine. It is a Pan India Directory Listing Portal catering to increasing connectivity between businesses across the country. It looks forward to providing a higher amount of visibility to Businesses that otherwise lack the capability to connect with the right kind of customers in its own industry. Hence, it brings forward one stop shop for all Businesses to connect and resolve their Business Hurdles. The website makes it easier for Businesses to track and find their alliances through the category listing services.


The mission of the Rightenquiry.com is to reach out to the maximum number of Businesses. We strive towards helping small or large Business Owners to register themselves on the portal, search for their alliances and grow their Business overtime. The registration is open for Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Small Business Owners and Service Providers alike. We look forward to bring people together and ease their problems of finding the right partners across the country.


  1. The official website i.e. www.rightenquiry.com was launched in May 2015.
  2. The services are applicable for Businesses registered in India only.
  3. For all types of queries, you can reach at 09914861911, 09716288550.
  4. The team is available to resolve all issues 24*7.
  5. Rightenquiry.com is a joint venture of ASL Computers Pvt. Ltd. And Kiara Soft tech and its head office in Ambala, Haryana.


  1. Businesses of all sizes and types can register themselves
  2. Paid customers can avail the services of a personalized website as well
  3. Enhances the overall presence of a company without much expenditure
  4. Deals in B2B and B2C Operations largely
  5. Ease to visitors with a comprehensive search engine is provided
  6. Contacting the management of the company is easy to resolve all search related queries
  7. Ideal linkage to Social Media is possible for the Businesses
  8. Verified customers to lift more benefits from Visitors to the website


The vision of Rightenquiry.com is to become the largest search engine for Indian Businesses across the country. The company aims at the achievement of the highest amount of growth in terms of visitors and Business Listers in the shortest amount of time. It envisions to become a one stop shop for search related queries and give a direct competition to Google in India.