Cancellation & Return Policy


RigthEnquiry holds the complete right to temporarily or permanently terminate or cancel the membership of a user in case of any one of the following reasons:

  • If it is found that the information provided by the user was false or misleading.
  • If the user is found to be indulged in illegal or fraudulent activities.
  • If the user is found to have breached any one or more terms and conditions of usage of the website at any point of time.
  • If the user uses the information provided on the website to send spam messages or emails to the other users for the purpose of promotional activities
  • If the user is found to be publishing the same kind of product information again and again
  • If the user posts material other than business information
  • In case the user is found to be using the name of another company to approach customers or do business
  • Hacking the accounts of any other RightEnquiry User at any point of time

RightEnquiry has the complete right to withhold or showcase limited information to members of different packages from time to time. We shall not be entitled to provide any explanation of the same and the changes can be done with or without any prior notice given to the holders of different memberships on the website.
In case RightEnquiry cancels the membership of a particular user, he/she may or may not be allowed to rejoin without formal justification and discussion. We shall hold complete right to make the decision and the user shall not be allowed to question the same. If RightEnquiry terminates the membership of any particular user, the amount paid for the membership will not be refunded. The customer will be solely responsible for any loss of business or event in case of suspension of the membership with RightEnquiry.
RightEnquiry does not hold a Return Policy till date. In case the member needs a refund for any reason whatsoever, he/she may put in a written application addressed to the email id provided in the Contact Us section. RightEnquiry shall hold the complete rights to respond to the email, provide a refund or take the case into consideration. The team of RightEnquiry may take the case into consideration but does not provide any guarantee of the same.

Return Policy

RightEnquiry will not be entitled to refund the amounts paid by users in any membership proposed by the company from time to time. The business listing will be applicable for the tenure that the user had prescribed for. In case the user upgrades the membership, original rates of the new membership will be applicable and there will be no payment adjustments made. RightEnquiry will also not be responsible for any refunds in case a membership is downgraded. The user will be required to complete the tenure of the membership.