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As everyone knows, this year's Super League has completed the first stage of the competition. At present, the championship group and the relegation group have been completely divided. It can be said that all teams are now preparing for the most important second stage of the game. Because in the second stage, the final champion and the eliminated team will be determined in a knock-out way. It can be said that regardless of the results of the first stage, the teams with goals in the second stage must go all out, because this year's results will be a one-shot deal.


In the championship group, it can be said that there are many things to watch. The most concerned is the collision between two mortal enemies, Shandong Luneng vs. Beijing Zhonghe Guoan team. In the 2018 FA Cup final, there was a direct dialogue between the two teams. That time Beijing Guoan had the upper hand. They won the FA Cup by way of away goals and won a full AFC Champions League spot. , But it is a pity that this place is the place of the dead group. As a result, Guoan became the only team that did not qualify for the 2019 AFC Champions League.

在冠军组中,可以说有很多事情要看。最快三平台令人担忧的是山东鲁能与北京中和国安队这两个致命敌人之间的碰撞。在2018年足总杯决赛中,两队之间进行了直接对话。当时北京国安占了上风。他们以客场进球的形式赢得了足总杯,并获得了亚冠联赛的全部席位。 ,可惜这个地方是死者团体的地方。结果,国安队成为唯一没有资格参加2019年亚冠联赛的球队。

In the 2019 season, Shandong Luneng became the nemesis of Beijing Guoan. They personally ended Beijing Guoan's ten-game winning streak, and then eliminated Guoan in the FA Cup. Although China Ann defeated Luneng at home in the league, the score was 3:2 and it was very difficult to win. It can be said that at present everyone agrees that Luneng is very much against the current national security. So when Luneng won third in the group against Guoan, many people thought that Luneng was deliberately picking Guoan because it was easier for them to play Guoan.


When many people think that Luneng's hopes of promotion have greatly increased, Luneng himself has undergone major changes. On October 5th, Luneng officially announced that the meritorious coach Li Xiaopeng took the initiative to resign, and the reason for Li Xiaopeng's resignation was physical discomfort. This suddenly changed the situation of the championship group. Because changing coaches before the battle is itself a tactical taboo, the coach change will naturally cause the team to become uncomfortable, so Guoan hopes to advance.

当许多人认为鲁能晋升的希望大大增加时,鲁能本人发生了重大变化。 10月5日,鲁能正式宣布立功的教练李小鹏主动辞职,李小鹏辞职的原因是身体不适。这突然改变了冠军组的状况。由于在战前更换教练本身是一种战术禁忌,因此更换教练自然会使团队变得不舒服,因此国安希望继续前进。

As for Li Xiaopeng’s resignation, I believe many fans of other teams do not understand, because since Li Xiaopeng took office as Luneng, he has made great contributions to the team. In summary, Li Xiaopeng led the team for two and a half years. In 98 games, he scored 54 wins, 22 draws and 22 losses. The winning rate reached 55.1%, making him the coach with the highest winning rate of Luneng in recent years. Moreover, he brought Luneng into a strong team with little investment and has become a mid-stream team. This is very rare. It also proves that Coach Li Xiaopeng is a capable and understand Luneng team. Moreover, the best coaches of the Super League in the past two years have been awarded to Li Xiaopeng, which is also the recognition of Li Xiaopeng's ability by industry insiders.


Therefore, Li Xiaopeng's departure must be a major loss for Luneng. So why did Li Xiaopeng choose to leave? Recently, the "Jinan Times" revealed three major reasons for Li Xiaopeng's resignation. These include failing to "take the second", "big fish" failing and poor health. First, Luneng ranked third in the first stage and failed to make the second, which also caused dissatisfaction with some fans. The second is the issue of foreign aid. Li Xiaopeng tried to sign the "Big Fish" in the transfer window and ended up without a problem. Third, physical reasons are also an important factor in Li Xiaopeng's resignation. Li Xiaopeng once had a high fever during the Dalian game and had Gua Sha on his chest and throat.


But in the end, what made Li Xiaopeng make the decision, or the last straw that overwhelmed Li Xiaopeng, was probably a report letter after Luneng's consecutive poor performance and loss to Evergrande. At that time, a very few irrational fans even reported Li Xiaopeng to the Shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. After that, Li Xiaopeng already had the willingness to resign, just to maintain the stability of the team. At that time, the senior Luneng and the head of the Provincial Sports Bureau strongly retained Li Xiaopeng. After the first stage, Li Xiaopeng still The final decision was made.


In fact, we can understand that fans want to return to their glory, but the strength of a team is directly proportional to his investment and already staffed. As far as Luneng’s current investment is concerned, it is related to Evergrande, SIPG, Guoan and even Suning has a certain gap. But no matter what, this may be a kind of relaxation and relief for Li Xiaopeng personally, and for Luneng, we can only look forward to Hao Wei's good luck. Do you think Li Xiaopeng's departure will have a big impact on Luneng? Is Guoan's hope of promotion greater? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!


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