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When it comes to football games, no one is unfamiliar. "FIFA" and "Live" make football games more and more realistic and perfect. For those of us born in the 1980s, the football games we played when we were young may not be so realistic or even a little funny, but they left the best memories of our childhood! "Angel Wings" born from the "Captain Tsubasa" comics is even one of the classic works of the year. The game on this red and white machine has many distinctive features, similar to the RPG command menu, exquisite close-up pictures and nirvana, allowing players to experience a fun that is completely different from those of football games that strive for reality. Although "Angel Wings" has gradually faded out of our sight, we shouldn't forget this work that was once all the rage and brought us unlimited happiness and beautiful childhood!

当谈到足球比赛时,没有人不熟悉。 “ FIFA”和“ Live”使足球比赛越来越逼真和完美。对于1980年代出生的我们来说,我们小时候玩的足球比赛可能没有那么逼真,甚至没有什么好笑的,但它们留下了我们童年的美好回忆!从“翼小将”漫画中诞生的“天使之翼”甚至是当年的经典作品之一。这台红白色机器上的游戏具有许多独特的功能,类似于RPG命令菜单,精美的特写图片和必杀技,使玩家可以体验到与追求现实的足球游戏完全不同的乐趣。尽管“天使之翼”已逐渐淡出我们的视线,但我们不应该忘记这项曾经风靡一时,带给我们无限幸福和美好童年的作品!

In 1988, with the continuous improvement of the level of Japanese football development and the boom in the comic "Captain Tsubasa", TECMO launched the first "Angel Wings" game. In terms of plot, the game follows the original story. It tells a relatively complete story from Nange Middle School's participation in the county trial to the Japanese junior team winning the World Junior Championship. The game system combines the characteristics of the players and the nirvana design of the original flavor. Players can command the Nange team and the Japanese team to participate in thrilling life and death battles in the game, and experience the classic scenes in the original. Seeing Hyuga Xiaozhiqiang kicking a tiger shot, the dream skills of Argentine genius Diaz based on Maradona, the perfect combination of the German football emperor and the Phantom goalkeeper, etc., will make players have a passion feel. From the point of view of gameplay, this game is also very good. TECMO broke the conventional idea that sports games are equivalent to action games, and created a brand new game type with RPG command operation mode. This was a great innovation at the time! Facts have proved that their innovation has been recognized by players. In addition to the excellent system of the game, its exquisite graphics, dynamic close-ups, and gorgeous nirvana can make players immerse themselves in it! A year later, TECMO released its second work "Angel Wings 2-Super Shooter". This "Angel Wings 2" basically follows the system of the previous game and has improved some minor defects. For example, all players can be displayed on the map, the defense will no longer be resigned, the player can choose the timing of the pass, and the new Team data system and so on. In addition, the graphics and background music have been improved compared to the previous one, making this game more perfect. The plot focuses on Dakongyi’s Brazilian football career, as well as the Japanese team’s participation in the World Series, making the storyline of "Angel Wings 2" also very full! In short, in that era, "Angel Wings" was definitely a classic, and it should have its own place in the history of video games.

1988年,随着日本足球发展水平的不断提高和漫画《翼小将》的热潮,TECMO推出了首款“天使之翼”游戏。在剧情方面,游戏遵循原始故事。它讲述了一个相对完整的故事,从南阁中学参加县级审判到赢得世界青年锦标赛的日本少年队。游戏系统结合了玩家的特征和原始风味的必杀技。玩家可以命令Nange团队和Japan团队参加游戏中刺激的生死战,并体验原始游戏中的经典场景。看到Hyuga Xiaozhiqiang猛击老虎,阿根廷天才Diaz的马拉多纳梦,以求的技巧,德国足球皇帝和幻影守门员的完美结合等,将使球员们充满激情。从游戏性的角度来看,这款游戏也非常出色。 TECMO打破了体育游戏等同于动作游戏的传统观念,并创建了具有RPG命令操作模式的全新游戏类型全网最火快三平台。当时,这是一项伟大的创新!事实证明,他们的创新得到了玩家的认可。除了出色的游戏系统外,其精美的图形,动态特写和华丽的必杀技还可以使玩家沉浸在其中!一年后,TECMO发布了第二部作品《天使之翼2-超级射手》。该“天使之翼2”基本上遵循先前游戏的系统,并改善了一些小缺陷。例如,所有球员都可以显示在地图上,防守不再会辞职,球员可以选择传球的时间以及新的Team数据系统,等等。此外,图形和背景音乐也比上一个有所改善,使这款游戏更加完美。该剧情聚焦于大孔乙的巴西足球生涯,以及日本队参加的世界大赛,因此“天使之翼2”的故事情节也很充实!简而言之,在那个时代,“天使之翼”绝对是经典之作,它在电子游戏的历史中应该有自己的地位。

In 1992, with the powerful functions of SFC (Super Nintendo), the "Angel Wings" series launched the third "The Emperor's Challenge". The higher frame rate, brighter colors, more realistic actions, and more graceful flight trajectories make players shine, and they can’t wait to enter the game. But after playing it, you will find that "Angel Wings 3" is not at all successful compared to the previous two games. The system lacks innovation, and the creators have not improved the layout of the story. It's just that the excellent screen effects allow players to temporarily ignore these shortcomings.


In the context of the third controversy, "Angel Wings 4" debuted a year later. In the all star mode in the game, you can select the entire team, and the physical energy consumed by using nirvana is listed. Although this improvement is good, some old problems still exist, such as: passing the ball only with the right foot, shooting only with the goal The left foot and the shot will never miss the goal. The time exists in the form of a countdown. A long pass takes 40 seconds, and it takes 40 seconds to be intercepted in the middle. The number advantage is not reflected in the defense, and there is no offside. Taking the ball out of bounds, formation and tactics are just decorations, etc. These bugs continued from the first to the fourth, and were not resolved. In addition to these old problems, there are many problems in the fourth part itself. First, the player's movements are not as smooth and lively as the previous one, but they seem a bit dull; second, the plot design of Dakongyi's Brazilian nationality is really unbearable to look at! For these reasons, although "Angel Wings 4" has gained a lot in sales, it has already caused dissatisfaction among most players!


As "Angel Wings 4" has been criticized by the public, TECMO must make a breakthrough in the new work. In 1994, "Angel Wings 5" was born. This work did not disappoint the players. Most of the unreasonable points in the previous game have been corrected. The side view of the game allows players to better control the players, and the rhythm of the game has also been significantly improved compared with the previous games. In terms of plot, Da Kongyi, who has been playing in Brazil, went to Italy, and Nitta, who had cute tiger teeth, filled his vacancy, and the two formed the double protagonists. The novel game method and storyline have brought a lot of surprises to players. "Angel Wings 5" has truly achieved the so-called transcendence!

由于“天使之翼4”受到了公众的批评,因此TECMO必须在新工作中取得突破。 1994年,“天使之翼5”诞生了。这项工作并没有使球员失望。先前游戏中的大多数不合理点都已得到纠正。游戏的侧视图允许玩家更好地控制玩家,并且与以前的游戏相比,游戏的节奏也得到了显着改善。在情节方面,一直在巴西玩耍的达孔易去了意大利,而拥有可爱虎牙的尼塔填补了他的空缺,两人组成了双重主角。新颖的游戏方法和故事情节给玩家带来了很多惊喜。 “天使之翼5”真正实现了所谓的超越!

Facing the severe situation of the game market, TECMO is also trying to enter other models. In 1992, it produced the "Angel Wings VS" of the GB series console and the MD version of "Angel Wings 4" in 1994. Both have achieved some success. Especially the MD version of "Angel Wings 4" has been widely praised by Sega game lovers. Unfortunately, in the final round of the Asian finals of the 1993 World Cup qualifiers, the Japanese national team was stubbornly tied by Iraq in stoppage time and lost the right to qualify. This kind of football environment made "Angel Wings 5" sales drop to the lowest point in history. The hard-hit TECMO company decided not to produce a sequel to "Angel Wings", leaving countless regrets!

面对游戏市场的严峻形势,TECMO还试图进入其他模型。 1992年,它生产了GB系列调音台的“ Angel Wings VS”,并在1994年生产了MD版的“ Angel Wings 4”。两者均取得了一些成功。尤其是MD版的《天使之翼4》受到世嘉游戏爱好者的广泛好评。不幸的是,在1993年世界杯预选赛亚洲决赛的最后一轮中,日本国家队在补时阶段被伊拉克顽强地束缚,失去了取得资格的权利。这种足球环境使“天使之翼5”的销量跌至历史最低点。遭受重创的TECMO公司决定不制作《天使之翼》的续集,留下无数遗憾!

"Angel Wings" has gone from the 1st generation to the 5th generation, and has also declined from the classics. The reason is that the game manufacturers are not enterprising and self-proclaimed. In the game world, if you don’t advance, you will retreat. Players are always picky. No matter how good the system is, there will be a day of getting tired of playing. Only by constantly innovating and surpassing the old can game production companies keep a game series prosperous. This is also the most fundamental reason for the success of FIFA and LIVE. However, as a post-80s generation, I still want to thank "Angel Wings", because this game not only brought joy to my childhood, but also made me realize the diversity of football and laid the foundation for the love of football in this life! Rather than saying that "Angel Wings" gives football wings, it is better to say that "Angel Wings" puts a pair of wings in the dreams of all players!


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