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全网最火快三平台-国人牌手|硬汉陈东:命可以不要 大盲不能丢!

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   (Source: Poker Fan)


   Strength, focus, and fashion are always topics in the poker circle. Young poker players who are at the forefront of fashion play games in a field full of wisdom and technology. They themselves have a high point of view. This is also the biggest difference from other chess and card games.


   The guests of this issue definitely follow the idol power line in China. The tough guy's appearance and the good results belong to the first echelon of outstanding players in the domestic and international poker field.


  He is the face value responsible for domestic male players-Chen Dong!


  Chen Dong, a native of Ningbo, Zhejiang, has more than four years of playing cards, and is called "brother-in-law" in the arena! Under the black-rimmed glasses, there is a sturdy face, which gives a very decent, majestic impression. These may be the deep imprints of his previous teaching job.

陈栋,浙江宁波人,拥有四年以上的扑克牌,在竞技场上被称为“ br子”!在黑框眼镜下,有一张坚固的脸,给人一种非常体面,庄严的印象。这些可能是他以前的教学工作的深刻烙印。

   After graduating from university, Chen Dong chose to become a glorious teacher of the people, and he has been working for seven years! After resigning, he switched to the securities and financial industries. In the past two years, Chen Dong has been active in major poker tournaments at home and abroad, and has gradually become known to everyone.

大学毕业后,陈栋选择成为人民的光荣老师,他已经工作了七年!辞职后,他转向证券和金融行业。在过去的两年中,Chen Dong活跃于国内外大型扑克比赛中,并逐渐为大家所熟知。

   main record


  2020 CPG Shanghai Classic Tournament

2020 CPG上海经典赛

   No. 13


  2020 CPG Fuzhou Main Event


   No. 5


   2020 Red Dragon Cup Manila High Roller


Article 2


   2020 Red Dragon Cup Manila Fast Race


   No. 6


  2019 National Cup Run International Poker Supreme Tournament


   No. 5


   2019 Red Dragon Cup Jeju Island knockout round


   No. 15


   2019 CPG Zhuhai Main Event

2019 CPG珠海主赛事

   28th place


  2019 APT Korea Incheon Championship

2019 APT韩国仁川锦标赛

  17th place


  2019CPG Sanya Masters Omaha Challenge


   No. 1


  2019 CPG Sanya Masters Short Deck Quick Challenge

2019 CPG三亚大师赛短牌快速挑战赛

   No. 1


   2019 50th WSOP 6-player Championship

2019年第50届WSOP 6人锦标赛

   No. 5


   2019 50th WSOP 6-person table

2019年第50届WSOP 6人桌

   26th place


   2019 50th WSOP Chaos Tournament


  21st place


  2018 TPC Tiger Cup Season 4 Main Event

2018 TPC老虎杯第4季主赛

  No. 32


   2018 TPC Year-end Finals Masters

2018 TPC年终决赛大师赛

   No. 1


  2018 7th Beijing Cup Main Event


   No. 9


   2018 Jeju Red Dragon Cup Blue Dragon Race


Article 2


  2018 National Cup Chess and Card Professional Masters Main Event


   No. 29


   2018 National Cup Hainan Chengmai Main Event

   2018 national cup Hainan Cheng买main event

   No. 18


   2018 TPC Tiger Cup Running Member Reward Competition

2018 TPC老虎杯跑步会员奖励比赛

  12th place


  2018APPT Macau Hong Kong Dollar 20000 Championship


   No. 1


   2018 Macau Poker Cup HKD 25,000 Championship

2018澳门扑克杯HKD 25,000冠军

Article 2


  2017 WPT Sanya Fast Tournament

2017 WPT三亚快速锦标赛

Article 2


  2017 WPT Sanya Hublot Classic

2017 WPT三亚恒宝经典

   No. 8


  2017 Macau Poker Cup Team Tournament


   No. 9


   The origin of the nickname "Brother-in-law"!


  Chen Dong, people gave the nickname "Brother-in-law", I think everyone will wonder in their hearts the first time they hear this nickname, what kind of fairy nickname is this? With all curiosity, poker fans asked "brother-in-law" Chen Dong the origin of this nickname.


"Because an old K (Ye Kaixiang) almost became my brother-in-law, so friends in the circle called out!" It turned out that Chen Dong almost became the top domestic player Ye Kaixiang (the runner-up of the 2018 TPC Tiger Cup Season 4 Main Event) Brother-in-law, this is the title of "brother-in-law"! Poker fans have a good impression of this nickname. They are both familiar and memorable, with a hint of ridicule and acquaintances, which naturally narrows their sense of distance.

“因为老K(叶开祥)几乎成了我的brother子,所以圈子里的朋友大声喊叫!”事实证明,陈栋几乎成为了国内顶级选手叶凯翔(2018 TPC老虎杯第4季主赛的亚军)的Brother子,这就是“ br子”的头衔!扑克迷对这个绰号印象深刻。他们既熟悉又令人难忘,带有一丝嘲讽和相识的痕迹,这自然缩小了他们的距离感。

  Fate can be omitted, the big blind cannot be lost!


   Today's Chen Dong is already a well-known player in the poker circle. Like many people, Chen Dong came into contact with international poker occasionally during gatherings with friends. “Occasionally, when he saw his friends playing, he took part in it and gained a lot. The first time he played cards was with Yuan Yilu, Playing with an old K, everyone felt very interesting and all fell in love with this game!"

今天的Chen Dong已经是扑克界的知名玩家。像许多人一样,陈东在与朋友聚会时偶尔会接触国际扑克。 “有时候,当他看到他的朋友们玩耍时,他参加了比赛并收获了很多。他第一次打牌是和袁一璐一起玩,和一个老K一起玩,每个人都觉得很有趣,都爱上了这款游戏!”

   However, apart from his first contact with international poker, the most memorable experience of Chen Dong's card game was of course the 2019 World Series of Poker (WSOP), which was the main event at that time. . . . . .

然而,除了他与国际扑克的第一次接触外,陈冬的纸牌游戏最难忘的经历当然是2019年世界扑克大赛(WSOP),这是当时的主要赛事。 。 。 。 。 。

"The poker experience that is still fresh in my memory is the earthquake in the 2019 WSOP Main Event. At this time, I was the big blind. Someone started to open, and many players ran out, but I sat at the table and remained motionless. My friend asked Why don't I run, I said the big blind can't be lost easily anyway!"


"You don't have to live, the big blind can't be lost", this may sound absurd and a bit domineering, but it can also be seen from the side that Chen Dong treats international poker with an extremely focused attitude. The so-called tough guy is probably the case. . This may be the true legendary "Taishan collapsed before, immovable like a mountain"!

“你不必生活,大盲人不会丢失”,这听起来很荒谬,而且有点霸气,但从侧面也可以看出,陈冬以极其专注的态度对待国际扑克。所谓的硬汉可能就是这种情况。 。这可能是真正的传奇人物“泰山倒塌了,像山一样坚不可摧”!

   is full of harvest, a little regret!


In 2019, Chen Dong went abroad with many friends to compete in the WSOP. Although he encountered the rare Las Vegas earthquake during the period, it is heartening that Chen Dong successfully scored the $10,000 WSOP six-player table. Final table FT. At that time, all the people in the country were very excited, and the whole poker circle was boiling! Today, Chen Dong also talked about the wonderful game experience. . . . . .

在2019年,Chen Dong和许多朋友一起出国参加了WSOP。尽管他在此期间遇到了罕见的拉斯维加斯地震,但令人振奋的是,陈栋成功地闯入了10,000美元的WSOP六人桌。决赛桌FT。当时,全国人民都很兴奋,整个扑克界都沸腾了!今天,陈栋还谈到了精彩的游戏体验。 。 。 。 。 。

"I'm a model worker at the 2019 WSOP. I basically spent nearly two months at the table! And the $10,000 six-handed table is at the end of the WSOP schedule. I know most of the top players who participated. They, so, I think they’re telling me that I’m secret. Then, the hand discussion and company with my friends and colleagues also helped me a lot. I’m a little regretful that I didn’t get the bracelet. I hope to have it in the future. Make it up!"


   It can be seen from Chen Dong's words that Chen Dong did not rely on luck to the end. He understood his opponent and formulated corresponding strategies. He successfully broke into the FT with his own strength. However, in the end he couldn't get the gold bracelet, and he was still regretful!


   A deeply touching WSOP journey!


   As a player who has gone abroad to compete in the WSOP, Chen Dong has a very clear understanding of the poker environment at home and abroad, as well as the differences between domestic and foreign players.

作为出国参加WSOP比赛的玩家,Chen Dong对国内外扑克环境以及国内外玩家之间的差异非常清楚。

"I think the atmosphere is particularly good. There are many elderly people in their 70s and 80s who are participating in the competition! The difference between domestic and foreign players, I think the overall level of the country is higher, because the people participating in this sport are younger. But the top Regardless of the number or level of the player group, there is still a gap with foreign countries. I hope everyone will work together to catch up with them!" At the same time, Chen Dong also has his own unique insights on the domestic and foreign competition brands. "Most of the domestic players are relatively Radical, so players need to bear greater fluctuations!" Chinese players play more loosely and fiercely, and the game has a heavier luck component. Therefore, many well-known top players at home and abroad often perform poorly in domestic competitions and fail to achieve their expectations. Expected results.

“我认为气氛特别好。参加比赛的有70多岁和80多岁的许多老人!国内外选手之间的差异,我认为国家的整体水平更高,因为参加比赛的人这项运动还比较年轻。但是无论球员数量或水平如何,最高水平与外国都存在差距。我希望每个人都能共同努力追赶他们!”同时,陈冬对国内外竞争品牌也有自己独特的见解。 “大多数国内球员都是相对激进的,所以球员需要承受更大的波动!”中国玩家打法更加宽松和激烈,而游戏的运气成分则更为沉重。因此,许多国内外知名的顶级运动员在国内比赛中通常表现不佳,无法达到他们的期望。预期成绩。

   It is particularly worth mentioning that during the WSOP competition, there were vicious incidents of Chinese players being robbed by locals. Regarding the social security issues in Las Vegas, Chen Dong, who had participated in the WSOP, certainly knew better than ordinary people!

特别值得一提的是,在WSOP比赛中,发生了中国玩家被当地人抢劫的恶性事件。关于拉斯维加斯的社会保障问题,参加WSOP的Chen Dong当然比普通人更了解!

"Actually, Las Vegas is one of the better cities in the United States! As long as I don’t go out at night, I think the overall situation is pretty good. Because I have a big heart, I’m not afraid of it, so I only need large-scale ones in the future. Good events will still participate as usual."


   There must be some risks when going abroad to compete in competitions, after all, foreign countries are not as safe as domestic ones! However, vicious incidents such as robbery are also a minority in Las Vegas during the WSOP, and those who want to go to the WSOP to chase their dreams do not need to worry too much.


   is not a professional player, better than a professional player!


   Today's Chen Dong has participated in many domestic and even international offline competitions, and every game has gained something! Many people think that Chen Dong is a professional poker player who signed. In fact, he is not a professional poker player, but signing a poker brand is coming soon!


"At present, because my job is relatively easy, I have spent most of my time and energy on international poker. There are already poker brands negotiating and signing contracts. The big framework is basically about to be discussed. Normally, we should sign a contract with this well-known Poker brand!"


   Chen Dong, who is not a professional player, can sign a poker brand. This is something that many professional players have never done. Being able to reach the FT final table in the WSOP where the world's great gods gather, proves that Chen Dong, who is not a professional poker player, is as strong as a professional poker player.

不是职业选手的陈东可以签一个扑克牌。这是许多职业玩家从未做过的事情。能够在世界大神聚集的WSOP上进入FT决赛桌,证明了不是职业扑克玩家的Chen Dong和职业扑克玩家一样强大。

Therefore, the powerful Chen Dong often participates in various high roller tournaments and competes with top gods from all over the world. Therefore, his biggest feeling is that "high roller tournaments are generally short tables, so they are generally more aggressive and fluctuating. It will be bigger too!"


  Online actual combat, offline harvest!


   I believe that many people are very puzzled. As a non-professional poker player, how does Chen Dong possess such a strong strength? In other words, how does Chen Dong usually learn to improve his level?


"Usually learning is mainly based on online games, and the software is also applied. During the epidemic, hundreds of thousands of regular table hands have been swiped!" As the new generation of the poker circle, actual combat is the best test, and a large amount can be accumulated in a short time. Hands. In a few months, Chen Dong easily accumulated hundreds of thousands of hands through hard work. . . . . .

“通常情况下,学习主要是基于网络游戏,并且还可以使用该软件。在流行期间,数十万张常规餐桌牌已经被刷掉了!”作为新一代的扑克圈,实战是最好的考验,并且可以在短时间内累积大量。手。在短短几个月内,陈东通过艰苦的工作轻松地积累了数十万手。 。 。 。 。 。

   It can be seen from this that, apart from his own hard work, Chen Dong's success also has a lot of practical practice, which allows him to calm down when making decisions in offline games.


Because of this, Chen Dong, who is struggling online and offline, has a very deep understanding of the difference between the two. "In addition to skills and luck, most offline games are "reading people" and observing the dynamics of the table. Adjust different styles of play for different people. This is the biggest difference between offline and online!"

因此,正在网上和线下苦苦挣扎的陈冬对两者之间的差异有很深的了解。 快三平台“除了技巧和运气之外,大多数离线游戏都是在“读书”并观察桌子的动态。为不同的人调整不同的游戏风格。这是离线和在线游戏之间的最大区别!”

   The Chinese face value team is currently being recruited. . . . .

目前正在招募中国面值团队。 。 。 。 。

   I believe that many people can often see Chen Dong and Yu Lei together. They are inseparable on the field. They often participate in major offline competitions together and compete in major high roller competitions together. So, how did these two iron buddies come together?


"Yu Lei and we met during the game. Maybe both of us are more narcissistic and like to brag and joke, so the relationship is getting better and better! We are in contact at ordinary times, and we get together every time we play. Last year we teamed up. A Chinese face value team, I am the captain, he is the political commissar, currently recruiting players...haha~"


   It can be seen from the words that Chen Dong really feels that Yu Lei is a rare confidant. They not only have the same hobbies, but also have similar temperaments, and share many common languages. Therefore, the two people with tempers became good buddies naturally!


   Chen Dong’s Chinese face value team may be a joke. However, he seems to have a good understanding of the team. So, has Chen Dong ever joined a domestic team? What do you think of the team?


"I joined a domestic team in the first two years. In fact, I think the establishment of a team needs to clarify their responsibilities and meanings, and make their due contribution to the development of domestic poker!" Chen Dong's team is not only It is a team of three or five friends who learn and communicate together, and it should be the existence that promotes the development of domestic poker!

“我在前两年加入了一个国内团队。实际上,我认为建立一个团队需要阐明他们的职责和意义,并为国内扑克的发展做出应有的贡献!” Chen Dong的团队不仅是一个由三五个朋友组成的团队,他们可以一起学习和交流,而且应该是促进国内扑克发展的存在!

   Chen Dong outside of poker!


   As mentioned earlier, Chen Dong is not a professional poker player, and poker is just one of his hobbies. In addition to playing cards, I usually work in securities and investment with my friends! In his free time, Chen Dong especially likes to play football, party and drink with his friends. . . . . .

如前所述,Chen Dong不是职业扑克玩家,扑克只是他的爱好之一。除了打牌,我通常和朋友一起从事证券和投资业务!在闲暇时光,陈冬尤其喜欢和朋友们踢足球,聚会和喝酒。 。 。 。 。 。

   However, Chen Dong, who has a good appearance and a good figure, is something that he dares not to do for fitness. Is everyone surprised? For a long time, many people think that such a stylish Chen Dong should be a fitness expert. Unexpectedly, Chen Dong is very respectful of fitness, and has never touched it. This is shocking. A lot of people eating melon!


   Nowadays, Chen Dong has achieved great success in poker and also has a very happy and perfect family. It can be described as a double harvest of family business! For him, international poker has both gains and losses!

如今,Chen Dong在扑克领域取得了巨大的成功,并且拥有一个非常幸福和完美的家庭。可以说是家族企业的双丰收!对他来说,国际扑克既有得失也有失!

"I think that after getting in touch with international poker, you have gained and lost. I have gained some friends in the poker circle and lost a lot of time with my family!" Poker and family are topics that players always pay attention to, between the two. The balance is the real test faced by every player in the poker circle!


   Peace of mind, entertainment first!


Regarding the current poker environment and the future of international poker, Chen Dong believes that "there are many good events in China, and I hope everyone will work together to maintain and create a better environment so that more poker fans can participate!" This is him As a poker player's best wishes for domestic poker, I hope that more people in international poker can understand, participate and love.

关于当前的扑克环境和国际扑克的未来,Chen Dong相信“中国有很多好事,希望大家共同努力,创造并创造一个更好的环境,让更多的扑克迷参与其中!”这就是他作为扑克玩家对国内扑克的最大祝愿,我希望国际扑克中更多的人能够理解,参与和热爱。

I hope that more people will enter the poker circle. At the same time, as a well-known top poker player in the poker circle, Chen Dong also gives those newcomers who have just entered or want to enter the poker circle as a suggestion for those who come over. That is: Peace of mind, entertainment first!

我希望有更多的人进入扑克圈。同时,作为扑克界知名的顶级扑克玩家,Chen Dong还向刚进入或想要进入扑克界的新人提供建议,以帮助那些刚来的人。那就是:放心,娱乐第一!

   Many well-known domestic players have been in the poker world for many years, always putting their mentality first, let alone newcomers who have just entered the circle. Maintaining an entertainment-oriented mentality may have unexpected results for the growth of novices.


   Looking back on Chen Dong's poker career, he came into contact with international poker by chance at a gathering of friends. Through a lot of online practical training, he gained a lot from offline games! In the 2019 WSOP, Chen Dong reached the FT final table alone, and his handsome appearance comparable to a star made him well known by the entire poker circle.


   Nowadays, Chen Dong, who has frequently passed good results in major competitions at home and abroad, is about to successfully sign a poker brand, and has done things that many professional poker players have not done. However, what is even more enviable is that he also has a very happy family, which can be described as a double harvest for the business family! Here, poker fans also sincerely wish Chen Dong even better results in competition and career!


   This is Chen Dong!


   An idol group who is extremely dedicated to poker!


  A strong faction who is not a professional player but outperforms a professional player!


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