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全网最火快三平台-别克青少年总决赛移动日 潘子忆主场1杆领先冲冠

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   After the first two rounds of competition, the Buick China Junior Golf Championship entered the crucial third round of Group A on September 25. In order to get a better position in the final round, Buick Juniors fought hard on the mobile day and challenged the leader.


   Pan Ziyi, who played at home, attacked the 36-hole leader Zhou Ziqin in this round. He caught three birdies throughout the day, did not bogey, and handed over 69. "Qizhong Garden is my home court, so I will be familiar with the stadium. I still want to attack today, so that I can occupy a more favorable position in the championship contest." As a result, after the 54th hole, Pan Ziyi shot a weak. The advantage overtakes Zhou Ziqin and gets a separate lead. "There will be another round tomorrow. This is the first time I have played 4 rounds. I feel that this is a great test of physical fitness and stress resistance. So I have to rest early tonight and stay in a good spirit for tomorrow's final round. "

在家打的潘快三平台子怡在本轮比赛中攻击了36洞领先者周子琴。他全天抓了三只小鸟,没有吞下柏忌,然后交出69球。“七中花园是我的主场,所以我会熟悉体育场。我今天仍然想进攻,这样我可以占据一个更有利的位置在冠军赛中。”结果,在第54洞后,潘子怡投篮不佳。优势超过了周子琴,并获得了单独的领先。 “明天会有另一轮比赛。这是我第一次参加四轮比赛。我觉得这是对身体健康和压力承受能力的很好考验。因此,我今晚必须休息,并保持良好的精神,以便明天的决赛一轮。

The half-time leader Zhou Ziqin set off today from the last nine and caught an eagle on the 13th hole. After playing the nine holes, he has extended his advantage to four shots, but after the transition, he swallowed +4 on the 3rd hole and suddenly let him Out of the leading throne. "Today's overall performance was good, but the grass on the 3rd hole was not handled very well, so I lost a lot of shots." Although temporarily retiring to second place, Zhou Ziqin still maintained a strong fighting spirit after the game. "There will be a fourth round tomorrow, which will test the stability even more. We still have to play hard and go for the first one!"

中场领队周子琴今天从最后九洞出发,在第十三洞抓到了一只老鹰。在打完9个洞之后,他将优势扩大到了4杆,但是在过渡之后,他在第3个洞吞下+4,突然让他脱离了领先宝座。 “今天的整体表现不错,但是第三洞的草皮处理得不好,所以我丢了很多球。”尽管暂时退居第二位,但周紫琴在赛后仍然保持了强烈的斗志。 “明天将进行第四轮比赛,这将进一步考验稳定性。我们仍然必须努力争取第一轮!”

   Chen Yulin, the 36-hole leader of the women's group A who came to Shanghai from Guangzhou alone to compete, showed some minor physical conditions after the second round, but this did not affect her performance in the third round. “Yesterday’s cough and a little tiredness made me feel uncomfortable, so I lay in the locker room for a while after the second round of the game. I thought I would not play well before the game today, but my condition was pretty stable, so I still wanted I want to catch a few more birds and widen the gap." As a result, she handed over a 71 in the red letter this round and entered tomorrow's final round with a two-shot advantage. "I haven't played 4 rounds in China. This has higher requirements for physical fitness, but everyone is equally tired, so I just need to play my own ball tomorrow."

女子单人甲36洞的负责人陈玉琳仅从广州来到上海参加比赛,她快三平台在第二轮比赛后身体状况有些轻微,但这并没有影响她在第三轮比赛中的表现。 “昨天的咳嗽和疲倦让我感到不舒服,所以比赛第二轮后我在更衣室里躺了一会儿。我以为我今天比赛之前表现不好,但是我的状态很稳定,所以我仍然希望我能再抓几只鸟并扩大差距。”结果,她在红色字母中交出了71在本轮比赛中,他以两杆优势进入明天的决赛。“我在中国还没有参加四轮比赛。这对身体健康有更高的要求,但是每个人都同样疲倦,所以明天我只需要打自己的球即可。”

   Cao Xinyu and Gao Meiqi, who were in the same group with Chen Yulin today, launched a strong impact on the leading position. Cao Xinyu, who finished sixth in the Buick Junior Championship last year, also surrendered a 71 in the red letter, rushing to second place alone. "From the beginning of today, I was thinking about catching more birds and getting the ball closer to the flagpole. If you have the opportunity, you will catch the birds, and if you have difficulty, you will be safe."

今天与陈玉林同组的曹新玉和高美琪对领导地位产生了强烈影响。去年在别克青年锦标赛上获得第六名的曹新宇也以红色字母投降71,仅冲向第二名。 “从今天开始,我一直在考虑抓更多的鸟,并使球更靠近旗杆。如果有机会,您将抓鸟,而如果遇到困难,您将很安全。”

   Gao Meiqi, who was ranked second in the first two rounds, took the initiative to attack at the beginning of this round and won a total of six birdies throughout the day, but the instability of her putter made her performance ups and downs. "Today I was thinking about taking the lead, plus the iron is in good condition, so I played very aggressively. Unfortunately, the control of the long push is not very good, resulting in big ups and downs." As a result, she handed over 73 strokes this round and entered the final round three strokes behind. wheel. "Tomorrow in the final round, there is still a chance to chase, but also to hit the championship!"

在前两轮比赛中排名第二的高美琪在本轮比赛开始时主动出击,全天共赢得了六只小鸟球,但她的推杆不稳定使快三平台她的表现起伏不定。 “今天我正在考虑领先,加上铁杆状况良好,所以我打得很积极。不幸的是,长按的控制能力不是很好,导致大起大落。”结果,她在本轮交出了73杆,进入最后一轮落后了3杆。轮。 “明天在最后一轮比赛中,仍有追逐的机会,也有机会赢得冠军!”

   54 holes have been completed and there is still one round away from the championship. From the three rounds of competitions in the sub-stations to the four rounds of the finals, the increase in the schedule undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements on the physical fitness and technique of the players, and it also allows us to see the players' persistence and fighting spirit for the victory. The 72 holes are a test of endurance and the best proof of Buick Junior’s advancement. Tomorrow, Group A will win, let us await the birth of the champion.

已经完成了54个洞,距离冠军还有1个回合。从分站赛的三轮比赛到决赛的四轮比赛,赛程的增加无疑对选手的身体素质和技术提出了更高的要求,也使我们看到了选手的毅力。和为胜利而奋斗的精神。 72洞是对耐力的考验,也是别克少年(Buick Junior)进步的最好证明。明天,A组将获胜,让我们等待冠军的诞生。

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