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James appeared in public all the time wearing a mask. This is the most special season in NBA history.


In the past three months, Disney World in Orlando has become a place called the "NBA Bubble" by the whole world-there are no fans, no spectators, only staff, coaches, players and a few family members. And day after day, all kinds of virus detection...

在过去的三个月中,奥兰多的迪斯尼世界已成为举世闻名的“ NBA泡沫”,这里没有球迷,没有观众,只有职员,教练,球员和一些家庭成员。而且日复一日,各种病毒检测...

Indeed, from being questioned at the beginning of "requiring money but not life", to the various violations of players who just entered the "bubble", to the potential threat of family members entering the "bubble" from all over the United States, the NBA encountered during the semi-finals Too many obstacles and challenges.

的确,从一开始就被问到“需要金钱而不是生命”,到刚进入“泡沫”的玩家受到各种侵犯,到家庭成员从美国各地进入“泡沫”的潜在威胁, NBA在半决赛期间遇到了太多的障碍和挑战。

But fortunately, from the beginning of the rematch until the Lakers won the 17th championship trophy in team history, the "bubble" has maintained a "zero infection" state.



The NBA finished the season in Disney's "Bubble".


Recall that three months ago, when the first batch of players and team staff arrived in Orlando, most people were conflicted-the season was closed for a long time and everyone was eager to return to the game, but for " The ignorance of "bubble" makes everyone hesitate.

回想一下,三个月前,当第一批球员和团队工作人员抵达奥兰多时,大多数人都陷入了冲突-该赛季已经关闭很长时间了,每个人都渴望回到比赛中,但是对于“对泡沫的无知” ”让所有人犹豫。

What followed was more and more complaints about "bubble"-Rondo, who had just won the championship on behalf of the Lakers, directly compared Disney's accommodation to a "car hotel" when he first arrived in Orlando.


The other champion member JR Smith was even more direct. He became a "live celebrity" and used the lens to record the scene of the Disney rematch. There were only two pillows in the room, no quilt, and the snacks delivered during isolation did not taste good...


In addition to dissatisfaction with accommodation and food, the players' self-control ability may also burst this "bubble" at any time——



In three months, the NBA achieved "zero infection". In contrast, although the NBA has sent some dangerous news from the "bubble" from time to time, it has maintained a stable state of "zero diagnosis" and "zero suspicion" for several weeks.


"We can't let a mouse poop break a pot of soup." This is what an NBA official said in an interview with ESPN. His confidence comes from the NBA's fine and accurate epidemic prevention management.

“我们不能让老鼠的便便打破一锅汤。” NBA官员在接受ESPN采访时就是这么说的。他的信心来自NBA出色而准确的防疫管理。

Then, they must use a smart thermometer called "Kinsa" to measure body temperature, use a "Masimo MightySat" pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels, and then transmit the data to the NBA's unified management application.

然后,他们必须使用称为“ Kinsa”的智能体温计测量体温,使用“ Masimo MightySat”脉搏血氧仪测量血氧水平,然后将数据传输到NBA的统一管理应用程序。

If someone’s body temperature reaches 38°C or higher, or if they feel “loss of taste” or “loss of smell”, or their blood oxygen level is declining over time, the medical officials in the park will accept To the alarm, remind them to continue tracking this person.


In addition, there are 25 health checkpoints in the entire "bubble". Everyone needs to swipe the "Disney Magic Band" to enter the next area.


"There are hand sanitizers available every 5 meters or so in the park. There are additional masks and cleaning wipes at every intersection." A health official described the situation in the park to an ESPN reporter. "There are every corner of the road. Security personnel".

“公园每隔5米左右就有一个洗手液。每个路口都有额外的口罩和清洁湿巾。”一位卫生官员向ESPN记者描述了公园的情况。 “到处都是路。安全人员。”


The NBA has implemented strict access control.


From the preparations to the start of the semi-matches, to allowing relatives, friends and family members to enter the park in the playoffs, and finally to the smooth end of the finals, the NBA has paid a huge amount of time and manpower to prevent the season from being affected by the epidemic.


Now, when they have truly completed this task, ESPN reporters who have been quarantined for nearly three months with all players in the "Bubble" summarized the reason why the NBA's epidemic prevention can be successful in the case of the epidemic in the United States. Three important reasons.


In the past few decades, the NBA has not only continued to invest funds to support scientific research applied to competitive sports performance, but also continues to expand its research fields, including sports medicine.


Today, these investments have paid off, and they can quickly establish a high-tech epidemic prevention mechanism. Many of the applications of scientific and technological products come from these trusted scientists and medical experts.


According to the information obtained by ESPN in the interview, the NBA has always made public the physical data of players participating in the research. Not only that, including the new crown monitoring data during the epidemic, they are also provided to relevant research institutions for free.


This also helps the public medical and scientific communities to use these data for quality assessment and judgment. While helping epidemic prevention research, the NBA can also get feedback from medical experts at any time to help them adjust epidemic prevention management.


According to the New York Times, the US Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency authorization in August this year to allow the public to use the saliva test developed by Yale University and funded by the NBA and the NBA Players Union.


In September, the Yale School of Public Health published a research report entitled "SalivaDirect: A Simplified and Flexible Enhanced SARS-CoV-2 Detection Capability". In the report, Professor Nathan Gruber of Yale University proved through thousands of data that a new detection method called SalivaDirect is effective and can reduce the huge costs associated with current US detection methods and simplify the current The complexity of detection methods ultimately alleviates the supply chain shortage of existing detection methods.

9月,耶鲁大学公共卫生学院发表了一份研究报告,题为“ SalivaDirect:简化和灵活的SARS-CoV-2增强检测能力”。在报告中,耶鲁大学的内森·格鲁伯(Nathan Gruber)教授通过成千上万的数据证明了一全网最火快三平台种名为SalivaDirect的新型检测方法是有效的,可以减少与当前美国检测方法相关的巨额成本并简化当前检测方法。检测方法的复杂性最终缓解了供应链现有检测方法不足。

And the large amount of data in this report is derived from various new testing attempts by NBA players day after day.


"We want to ensure that everyone can benefit from science." Robbie Sika, vice president of technology for the Minnesota Timberwolves and a member of the NBA Sports Science Committee, said in an interview that the NBA is willing to open up testing information and participate in cutting-edge experiments. The important reason is that I hope basketball can make greater contributions to society.

“我们希望确保每个人都全网最火快三平台能从科学中受益。”明尼苏达森林狼队技术副总裁,NBA运动科学委员会成员罗比·西卡(Robbie Sika)在接受采访时表示,NBA愿意开放测试信息并参与尖端实验。重要的原因是我希望篮球能够为社会做出更大的贡献。

And when the Lakers finally won the NBA championship this season, the efforts made by the entire league also saw the results-


"We all know that the new crown pneumonia will not disappear because of the success of the'bubble'." As Robbie Sika said, although the season is over, the NBA will do more efforts and attempts.

“我们都知道,由于'泡沫'的成功,新的冠状肺炎不会消失。”正如罗比·西卡(Robbie Sika)所说,尽管赛季结束了,但NBA将付出更多的努力和尝试。

"There will be more challenges in the future, and we hope that the significance of basketball can be far greater than the game itself."


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