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Snipe Paris again! Is he the real Emperor of Great Britain? ! Early this morning, the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League group stage kicked off. Manchester United played at Parc des Princes against Paris. With Bruno's shot and Rashford's 87th minute lore, Manchester United won the Champions League 2-1. In the contest between Manchester United and Paris, both teams have old players from the other side. The two teams have only met once in the UEFA Champions League. In the 2018-19 UEFA Champions League knockout stage, Manchester United lost 0-2 at home in the first leg. In the round, Manchester United staged a magical scene in the absence of Pogba, Martial and other main players. With Lukaku's score and Rashford's penalty shot before the end, Manchester United Win 3-1 away, thus using away goals to successfully advance. Yuanjia Road is narrow! The two teams have been divided into the same group this season, and they will meet in the first round of the group stage. Even if Manchester United beat Newcastle 4-1 last weekend, and the team performed well on the offensive end, not many people were optimistic about Manchester United's victory on the away game. On the one hand, there is a real gap in the comparison of strength between the two sides. Paris is the runner-up winner of the Champions League last season; on the other hand, Paris’s home record is very good: the Champions League group stage is unbeaten in 24 games (19 wins, 5 draws), last time The loss can be traced back to 2004, when the Greater Paris had not yet entered the "Golden Dollar Era", and eventually lost 1-3 to CSKA Moscow. The Manchester United captain Maguire was absent for personal reasons, Bruno put on the captain's armband. In the first half, Martial made a point and Bruno's penalty kick was pounced, but as Navas moved ahead, the referee decided to take a heavy penalty after being prompted by VAR. Bruno pushed the lower right corner of the goal and scored, Manchester United led 1-0. This is Bruno's 12th penalty kick since his debut at Manchester United in February this year. During the period, he only missed one penalty kick. 11 penalty kicks were scored, the most among the five major league players in the same period. In the second half, Martial scored an own own when defending a corner kick, and Paris tied the score 1-1. To be honest, Martial’s goal was really wonderful, but unfortunately it was his own goal... Martial’s own goal was Manchester United’s ninth own goal in the Champions League... the 9th time in the history of the Champions League. , Manchester United is the team that scored the most own goals. After that, the two teams both broke goals and saw that the game was about to end in a 1-1 draw. In the 87th minute, Pogba sent a pass. Rashford broke into the penalty area and volleyed. The ball went into the net. 2- 1. Manchester United once again beat Paris. According to statistics from the well-known data agency Opta, Rashford's nearly three Champions League goals were completed away, two of which were scored against Paris. In the 18/19 season, Manchester United lost 1-2 away to Valencia in the final round of the Champions League group stage. Rashford scored 1 goal. In the next round of the 1/8 finals, Rashford made a lore at the last minute, helping Manchester United win 3-1 away, and Manchester United also reversed the away goal advantage and eliminated Paris to advance to the quarter-finals. In an interview with BT Sports, Rashford said: "Of course it is a wonderful feeling. More importantly, we won the game. We are in a strong team, but this is the first. For each game, we must bring the concentration we showed today to the next game." "As a forward, in the final stages of the game, your mentality is the key. You may only get one chance, which ultimately allows us to get three points." "This is a good performance, but we must continue to move forward. I have always believed in this team. The important thing is that we as players need to believe in the system chosen by the coach. We performed very well in this regard." 2018 Panini World Cup Prizm Marcus Rashford RC PSA 10 After the early morning game, there are two more potential stocks worth paying attention to in the little book of the kitten. The first is Bruno. Prior to this, his card price has been rising and rising with the tide, and the transaction is not very active. The price of rating cards is basically around 100 yuan. And Rashford’s card price is not in a very good category. The price of Puka is not stable, and the price difference is also uneven, but the essential trend can be seen from the relatively intuitive rating card— -level. From October 1st to October 19th, his price is basically around 170 US dollars, even if there are lower or higher prices in the middle (only some of the more representative transactions in the table), but the overall It can be said to have been in a state of "normal" The stepping stone of this battle is loud enough, and it must have shocked the market's weathervane, but what will happen in the future depends on how the game will perform.

再次狙击巴黎!他是英国真正的皇帝吗? ! 今天清晨,2020-21赛季欧洲冠军联赛小组赛拉开序幕。曼联在巴黎王子公园对阵巴黎。凭借布鲁诺的射门和拉什福德的第87分钟绝杀,曼联队2-1赢得了冠军联赛。 在曼联和巴黎之间的比赛中,两队都有对方的老球员。两支球队在欧洲冠军联赛中只见过一次面。在2018-19年度欧洲冠军联赛淘汰赛阶段,曼联在第一回合主场失利0-2。在这一回合快三平台中,曼联在Pogba,Martial和其他主要球员缺席的情况下上演了一场神奇的场面。卢卡库(Lukaku)的​​得分和拉什福德(Rashford)的点球结束之前,曼联队3-1获胜,从而利用客场进球成功晋级。 袁家路很窄!这两支球队本赛季已经分成了同一小组,他们将在小组赛的第一轮见面。 即使曼联上周末以4比1击败纽卡斯尔,并且球队在进攻端表现出色,对曼联在客场比赛中的胜利也没有多少人感到乐观。 一方面,在两侧强度的比较中存在真正的差距。巴黎是上赛季欧洲冠军联赛的亚军;另一方面,巴黎的主场战绩非常好:欧洲冠军联赛小组赛在24场比赛中保持不败(19胜5平),最后一次失利可以追溯到2004年,当时大巴黎还没有进入“金元时代”,最终以1-3输给莫斯科中央陆军。 布鲁诺戴上了队长的袖标,原因是曼联队全网最火快三平台长马奎尔因个人原因缺席。上半场,马蒂亚尔(Martal)取得了一个进球,布鲁诺(Bruno)的点球大跳被扑出,但是随着纳瓦斯(Navas)的前进,裁判在VAR的提示下决定重罚。布鲁诺将球踢入球门右下角并得分,曼联队以1-0领先。 这是布鲁诺自今年2月在曼联首秀以来的第12个点球。在此期间,他只错过了一个点球。得分11罚球,在同期的五个大联盟球员中得分最高。 下半场,马蒂尔(Martial)在防守角球时得分得分,巴黎将比分追成1-1。 老实说,武术的进球确实很棒,但不幸的是,这是他自己的进球。武术的进球是曼联在冠军联赛中的第九个进球,这是冠军联赛历全网最火快三平台史上的第9次进球。 ,曼联是进球最多的球队。 在那之后,两支球队都打破了进球,并看到比赛将以1-1平局结束。在第87分钟,波格巴传球。拉什福德闯入禁区并凌空抽射。球入网了。 2- 1.曼联再次击败巴黎。 根据知名数据机构Opta的统计,拉什福德的近三个欧洲冠军联赛进球已经完成,其中有两个进球是对阵巴黎的。 在18/19赛季,曼联在欧冠小组赛的最后一轮中以1-2负于瓦伦西亚。拉什福德打进1球。 在下一轮1/8决赛中,拉什福德在最后一刻绝杀了曼联,帮助曼联3-1击败了对手,曼联也扭转了客场进球的优势,淘汰了巴黎晋级四分之一决赛。 拉什福德在接受BT Sports采访时说:“当然,这是一种美妙的感觉。更重要的是,我们赢得了比赛。我们是一支强大的团队,但这是第一名。每场比赛,我们都必须集中精力今天展示给下一场比赛。” “作为一名前锋,在比赛的最后阶段,您的心态是关键。您可能只有一次机会,最终使我们获得了三分。” “这是一个很好的表现,但我们必须继续前进。我一直相信这支球队。重要的是,我们作为球员需要相信教练选择的系统。我们在这方面表现非常出色。 ” 2018帕尼尼世界杯普利兹姆·马库斯·拉什福德RC PSA 10 凌晨游戏结束后,小猫的那本小书中还有另外两个潜在的股票值得关注。 首先是布鲁诺。在此之前,他的卡价一直在涨潮中上涨,并且交易不是很活跃。评级卡的价格基本上在100元左右。 而且,拉什福德的卡价并不是很好的选择。 Puka的价格不稳定,价格差异也不均匀,但是从相对直观的等级卡-可以看出基本趋势。 从10月1日到10月19日,他的价格基本上在170美元左右,即使中间价格更低或更高(表中只有一些更具代表性的交易),但总体上可全网最火快三平台以说处于“正常”状态 这场战斗的垫脚石足够响亮,它一定已经震惊了市场的风向标,但是未来会发生什么取决于游戏的性能。

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