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Continue to update my memory of the European Cup in Portugal. In fact, I really like the analysis of football skills and tactics, but in the live interview, it is difficult to take into account this aspect. Especially when I am rushing to draft, I often look up the previous materials while watching the competition, and then create. As a result, after a competition, I found it difficult to be sure of the whole because there was almost no time for other competitions except for the interviews. Therefore, if you write memories, you can only remember them scattered and deep.


A few days ago, I reposted an article about Portuguese sailing and football written by a friend. Today, let me talk about my impression of Portugal.


After staying in Portugal for a month, I think the biggest feature there is the leisure that Chinese people are unlikely to experience. To express it in another way is to live in the present and not worry about the future. For example, at the end of each month, there are significantly fewer people in the bar and fewer vehicles on the streets. That's because I usually don't have any money at that time, and I don't even have enough money for driving, let alone drinking, so I can only stay at home. When the salary was paid at the beginning of the month, the bar began to lively again.


During the European Cup, Portugal scored 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in 90 minutes. At the Dragon Stadium in Porto, the team lost the opener. At the Stadium of Light, they lost to Greece in the final. Ronaldinho was left sad. Only in the former home stadium of Alvalade, Portugal won two games, beating Spain 1-0 and Holland 2-0.


Although Ronaldinho had made his debut in the 2004 European Cup, the best rookie of that session was robbed by another 19-year-old striker, and a few months later the two became teammates. Premier League fans must know that Rooney is the best.


What impressed me the most at that European Cup was the classic quarter-final contest between Portugal and England. In 90 minutes, the two sides fought 1-1, each scored a goal in overtime, and finally the penalty shoot-out against Portugal had the last laugh. Neither Ronaldo nor Wayne Rooney were the protagonists in that game, and Wayne Rooney was injured by Andrade's black foot and had to rest for three months.


Continue the topic sponsored just now. In the semi-finals between Greece and the Czech Republic at the Porto Dragon Stadium, I also entered the stadium with a sponsored ticket from BenQ. I did not expect this to be a real VIP trip. In the sponsorship ticket, there is a class of hospitality tickets with higher specifications, which not only have first-class seats second only to VIP rooms, but also enjoy a buffet meal at the stadium. There is a buffet ticket before the game. Remember to clearly write more than 300 euros and more than 3,000 yuan for a meal. This is the most expensive meal in a lifetime. Of course, the taste is definitely not the best, and I don’t eat seafood or drink. It is indeed a waste of more than 300 euros on me.


Talking about the 2004 European Cup, I have to talk about the myth of Greece winning. Like the European Cup fairy tales in Denmark and the subsequent Leicester City Premier League aspirations, this incredible story in football often has a sense of destiny. It seems that the entire universe has concentrated all its forces to make it happen.


Before the final, I wanted to wait for the host to win the championship and write a good picture of the celebration of the Portuguese nationals, but what I didn't expect was that the Greek people took to the streets to revel, and even affected the preparations for the Olympic Games in August. You must know that the Greeks are as content with pleasure as the Portuguese. Since the upset win in the opening game, many workers are reluctant to work to watch the game. The final finishing work of the Olympics has been suspended for a long time.


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